Program design and implementation is a critical component of beginning or improving an online learning program.


A leading Washington State Educational Technology Director recently stated:

At this point in the development of K-12 online education, how you design your [online] program is as, if not more, important than the [online learning software] provider you choose.


Drawn from experience in multiple states T.H.E. Company Inc.’s Online Program Operations Consulting Group has developed a comprehensive and detailed program design structure including a New Client Implementation Plan that walks those creating a customized online program through everything from conceptualization to the end of the 3-year of operation. This program design structure draws on 10+ years of online educational experience, well-documented and researched best educational practices, and can be applied not only regardless of online learning vendor, but also in various states, implementation models (public, charter, or private schools), and targeted student populations (Highly Capable, Credit Recovery, Dropout Prevention, etc.).


For more information, or to discuss program design for starting or improving your online program, please contact us!


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